The Canon 650D is out and seems very clever indeed. So too the DFSLR users that question the lack of audio monitoring options provided by Canon on the 650D camera. Wait… What is that a typo? You mean DSLR right? NO!! It is spelled right. That F in DFSLR is a for a special breed of shooter too lazy, too stupid, too numpty to realize that there are practical solutions for any short comings in the modern DSLR cameras.
You can of course pop down to the local hardware store and go all out and put a magnificent YouTube video up showing the world what a smarty you are for going all DIYFS. and by now you should have worked out what that F stands for, and that Sescom for $35 have beat you to the audio jack / audio monitoring solution in DSLR cameras.

Sescom DSLR-MIC-MON 3.5mm Mic to Mic with Audio Monitor Tap for DSLR Cameras
Designed as a headphone monitoring interface between preamps, field recorders and DSLR cameras. Many recording devices and preamps have only a single Line Out jack. This jack is used to monitor with headphones or to connect to a DSLR. This cable allows users to go directly from the audio recorder into the camera and also monitor with headphones, creating a compact & elegant interface solution.

The high quality components guarantee there is no introduction of noise and minimal loss of signal strength. 3.5mm TRS Male to 3.5mm TRS Male & Female Y-Split. 17″.

The Sescom DSLR-MIC-MON cable is good for the 650D and a range of other Canon cameras, plus a swag of Nikon cameras too.
Not caring two shakes for the Sescom DSLR-MIC-MON cable as your cable is better than this? Feel like you are a DSLR shooter and not a DFSLR shooter but still need audio cable help and don’t want to be accused of being DIYFS numpty, then take a gander at the whole range of Sescom cables for your camera.

Race on over to Sescom and grab a cable like the Sescom DSLR-MIC-MON 3.5mm Mic to Mic with Audio Monitor Tap for DSLR Cameras. I dare you.

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