Backscatter took the Canon 5D Mark IV camera underwater for a different perspective on reviewing the super megapixel camera.

Check out their part 1 look at the 5D MKIV underwater capabilities.

Canon 5D Mark IV Underwater Camera Review – PART 1 from Backscatter on Vimeo.

We now have our hands on the Canon 5D Mark IV DSLR 4K Camera. We are super stoked about the 30.4megapixels, 7fps RAW, 4k30fps, high speed 720p120fps for slow-mo, and dual pixel RAW. There will be dedicated housings from Subal, Ikelite, Aqautica, Sea & Sea, and Nauticam. Current 5D3 owners will have some upgrade path options, and we will have more info on that from each manufacturer as details become available. Please contact us about upgrade options.

We dove it here in Monterey and so far and are very impressed by the smooth intelligent smooth autofocus. This opens up creative opportunities to change subjects easily without the need to attempt manual focus underwater. Its amazing that the subject was in focus even with all particulate matter and track focus on a subject that no more than an inch long and discern it from all debris in water.

As expected from Canon, the 5D Mark IV offers great color and low noise in our test footage. Be sure to watch our video for unedited raw footage for this new camera.

Be sure to stay tuned for our full review from Wakatobi.

Canon 5D Mark IV Camera

Aquatica A5DMKIV Underwater Housings

Ikelite 5D Mark IV Underwater Housings

Nauticam NA-5DMKIV Underwater Housings

Sea & Sea MDX-5DMKIV Underwater Housings

Subal CD5M4 Underwater Housings

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