In case you were wondering which camera would win a knife fight: The Canon 5D MKIII or the OnePlus One Android phone.

From YouTube user EXIV comes the the Canon 5D Mark III camera Verses OnePlus One phone test.

Canon 5D Mark III vs OnePlus One

Canon 5D Mark III vs OnePlus One test

The aim of this test is exclusively to compare how the OnePlus One performs respect the Canon 5D Mark III in a ideal light condition. In this case I am pleased to notice that the OPO performed incredibly well, but no doubts that the Canon 5D Mark III is obviously still the best option for filmmakers for all the many reasons that make a DSLR what it is. But it is interesting also to notice that, in terms of dynamic range, the OPO performed incredibly well compared with the 5D, and I can tell you that with a similar exposure, there is almost no difference between the two.

A first straightforward comparison between the Canon 5D Mark III (with Magic Lantern) and the OnePlus One.

I am really pleased with the result, but I must admit that I am not particularly surprised, for two specific reasons:

– I know that the one of the Canon 5D Mark III biggest issue is the “softness” (lack of sharpness).
– having properly tested the phone in different environments, I am well aware of the fact that this phone shoots great stuff in ideal light condition.

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