Moc Nguyen Productions recently received a Canon 1dX MKII 4K camera and quickly whipped up “Kimmy.”

Kimmy with Canon 1DX mark II 4K from Moc Nguyen Productions on Vimeo.

I had no plan before receiving this 1DX mark II surprisingly from Canon Vietnam, so came up with the idea to shoot in a old building with my friend. In all, we shot within a 2-hour of time, we were moving fast between takes for different angles and actions, tested out dynamic range, low light, High ISO noise. I was extremely satisfied with this Canon 1DX mark II 4K Image Quality & Color. In the touch screen + Dual Pixel Focus make this beast unstoppable!

Film by Moc Nguyen on Canon 1DX mark II
Model by Kimmy Bui
Makeup by Mid Nguyen
All shots: 4K 60fps. Neutral Setting: Sharpness 0, Contrast 0, Saturation -1. Edited on FCP X, Graded using Magic Bullet Looks, Export to 4K Prores LT.

Thank Canon Vietnam for sponsoring the Canon 1DX mark II.

Updated: Original Footage, can be downloaded here:

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