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Telescopic Camera Crane Demo by Extreme Jibs from Extreme Jibs on Vimeo.

Check Out Extreme Jibs' Telescopic Camera Crane Demo video. We created this video to give people a real sense of what a Telescopic Camera Crane can do. The Techno Jib-24 is a state of the art telescopic camera crane, designed to meet the needs of film makers.

We shot this using one Jimmy Jib Triangle, Techno Jib, two RED EPIC CAMERAS and a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

Extreme Jibs' Techno Jib-24 Telescoping Jib Arm represents the next step in the evolution of the camera jib. With its ability to maneuver into inaccessible and quickly move in and out of a shot. The Techno Jib-24 permits innovative and creative shots that have previously been considered too expensive or technically challenging.

This video was directed, produced and edited by Jose Sargado from Filmheads, DP Jacob Rivera, Jib Op Michael Montoya, Techno op Ricardo Blasco (Founder of Extreme Jibs),

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