My venture into the world of gimbals has been pretty bumpy…

I am now on to my third 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rig. I have been gimbal cursed.

Originally I grabbed a heavy duty 3-axis rig and popped my stabilising cherry with that gimbal.

Or so I thought, as well technically it left me still a gimbal virgin.

There was some initial flirting and some casual glances…

A mutual attraction lead to the inevitable fumbling and awkwardness associated with the first throws of gimbal passion.

Unfortunately I just couldn’t keep that gimbal steady and sadly it totally rejected me. Despite my continued advances, the relationship ended with bitter words. While I still see that gimbal, we just don’t talk.

Then along came the rebound relationship gimbal… A sexy cute gimbal that I just totally feel in love with.

I really thought this is the one, everything is balanced.

Happy happy joy joy, but sadly that relationship was not a steady one for me, as the gimbal kept playing up on me, leaving me technically still a sad little gimbal virgin.

So I sought gimbal relationship guidance from Frank over at Came-TV and his expert relationship guidance pushed me towards my third gimbal fling.

Enter Came-Mini 2 gimbal..

Came-mini 2 Preview (1 of 1)

So now I have my third gimbal and while I cover many posts on Cinescopophilia that have shone light on how great the gimbal revolution has been to the camera movement world. My own experiences with 3-axis brushless gimbal camera rigs has been a very unsteady one, a very rocky one. A very frustrating one.

Countless hours initially using tools to balance the gimbals followed by countless more trying to understand the software that runs the damn things. To even more hours working out via video feeds and correspondence back and forth with support about what the hell has gone wrong with either my techniques, or with the gimbals.

My gimbal dalliance continues and I try to put to failed romances behind me.

Came-TV Came-Mini 2 Gimbal Quick Unboxing… My Gimbal Relationship from Vision Wrangler on Vimeo.

The Came-TV Came-Mini 2 gimbal came with:
CAME-MINI 2 Gimbal
Gimbal Balance Stand
Molded Carrying Case
4 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Charger with Adapter
Extra Screws

The gimbal romance continues.

For more: Came-TV.

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