Came-7500 & Came-7800 out of the box test after balancing from Johnny Wu on Vimeo.

There is no software tuning, all I did was copied the Came-7800 profiles onto Came-7500 and did the test, right after balancing the GH4s. One with 14-140mm, one with 12-35mm.

We asked one of our team member whom doesn't know much about 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal to be on camera and balance the Came-7800, so here it is, his perspective of how to.

The Came-7800 profiles are available at MDIFILM.COM (We have tested with GH4+12-35mm lens, GH4+14-140mm lens and GH4+Rokinon 14mm and a generic speedbooster and it has worked without software GUI tuning). We also tested the profiles on a Came-7500 and they've worked.

First part of differences between Came-7500 and Came-7800.

Part 2 about how to balance the gimbal

Part 3 is how to attach the battery and monitor

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