The CamDolly works as a Slider, a Tabletop Dolly, a Doorway Dolly, a Straight, a Curved, or a Flexible Track Dolly, as well as an Orbital Dolly, and an Arcing Dolly. Apparently it is The first dolly you should buy, and the last dolly you’ll ever need. Looks a nice set up.

In today’s time-sensitive, budget-conscious production environment, the demands are enormous. You’ve got to get the shot, get it quickly, and at minimal cost. Oh: And it’s got to look amazing.

CamDolly makes “amazing” possible—and affordable. Smooth, fluid camera movement brings a film or video to life by engaging viewers, focusing their attention, and drawing them into the on-screen action. Traditionally, this required a complex, cumbersome, and expensive range of dollies, booms, and tracking systems—all to accomplish what a single CamDolly system can do quickly, easily, and is affordable.

Incredible System. Amazing Results. What kind of camera movement do you have in mind? CamDolly can make it happen. Smooth, effortless arcs; lingering tracking shots; precise follow shots—the versatile, rugged CamDolly system does it all. Within a minute or two, this superbly-engineered system can transform from a compact, portable package into an arcing orbital dolly. Or a doorway dolly. Or a slider dolly. Or a rideable dolly. Or a straight, curved, or flexible track dolly. Whatever configuration it takes to get the movement you need, the modular CamDolly system can get the job done.

Smooth moves made simple. When it’s time to strike set, CamDolly breaks down into a compact package that fits easily into the trunk of a small car—in about a minute. At the next location, you’ll be up and running just as quickly. Best of all, CamDolly’s maneuverability and compact size make it easy to get shots that would be impossible for less flexible, more cumbersome systems: With CamDolly, navigating a narrow doorway or tracking around a tight corner is simplicity itself.

Dream it – and do it. Achieving truly professional dolly effects has never been this effortless—or affordable. CamDolly places a full range of moving camera effects within the reach of even the most budget-conscious film and videomakers, with no compromise in the quality of construction—or the onscreen results.

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