Remember that amazing custom DIY wooden dolly from Designed and Made that was used to pull off those amazing timelapse shots in Lake Powell, Utah for the video “Fade” by Joshua VP that we covered here. Well good news because you can now purchase Brian Grabski’s Designed and Made wooden dolly and take it home and make your very own timelapse magic to share with the world.

Quick recap of the Fade BTS video and suss out the Designed and Made Dolly:


Order this fully assembled Designed and Made dolly perfect for shooting time-lapse videos for just $599.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


12V battery
1 rpm Gear Motor
24-tooth pinion gear
203-tooth aluminum hub gear
18 inches of movement
2 rugged nylon handles

Comes ready to shoot. Measuring 11” wide x 19” long x 4” tall, this compact travel dolly fits in most carry on suitcases.

“The compact time-lapse dolly is very unique as far as DIY video equipment is concerned,” says Brian Grabski, owner of Designed & Made, and creator of the time-lapse dolly. “A friend and I have created multiple iterations of time-lapse dollies in an effort to find something portable that doesn’t comprise on the quality of the movement in time-lapse shots.”

Price: $599.00, plus $29 shipping on orders within the continental US.

Head on over to Designed and Made for a look see.

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