From supermodding K100 16mm Turrett cameras to make the Coatwolf I and Coatwolf II cameras, to flame throwers and cars with in car whiskey dispensers… Oh and of course that Bellflower movie, Evan Glodell and the Coatwolf crew have a track record of making things happen.

Well here is the news, if you have the cash the Coatwolf posse can make a new fire breathing Medusa car for a very low, low price of just $250,000.


This does not seem to be a good value, so unless you have money to burn i don’t recommend you buy one of these. But if you give us $250,000 – Myself, Paul Edwardson and the entire Coatwolf team will drop whatever we are doing for a month and go crazy building you a badass post-apocalyptic, fire breathing, battle ready Medusa Car. We will even cover the legal fees to make sure we can deliver it to you without getting arrested.

The only real difference between our Medusa Car and your Medusa Car is that with a proper budget (which is coming from you) we will purchase a race-ready, built from scratch drivetrain – engine, tranny and rear-end. This will make your car a little faster and much more reliable than ours was when shooting.

We will also all sign a brass decorative plate and have it engraved and numbered and mount it under the hood in front of the engine, just like the one P-Diddy bought us. Joel Hodge will shoot the entire process and post a behind the scenes documentary on the news page after we deliver.


Bellflower from Wheelhouse Creative on Vimeo.

For more: Coatwolf.

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