Brightcast introduces the RP16 Butterfly LED Panels. The RP16 Butterfly panels are adjustable in any direction thanks to the multi-axis dampening system, easy folding to a 16” size and stored with your batteries, filters and other accessories. The butterfly works with your camcorder, V-mount or Gold-mount batteries. A Bi-colour Butterfly LED configuration is also available.


DC 15V 4A power input
68W maximum power
50.000 hours of lifespan
2.5 Kgs./5.51 Lbs.
2 x 16” diagonally


4 slots filter
0-100% dimmer
Unlimited manual/remote Network
Infrared remote (Colour, Brightness, on-off)
Single- 3200/5600°K & Bi-colour types available
LCD multi-situation display DMX

Please see Brightcast for more details.

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