Blueshape have produced a run of pink coloured V-Mount camera batteries to help raise awareness and much needed funds for breast cancer.

Blueshape pink battery

Enrico Ferretti, Manager of BLUESHAPE in Reggio Emilia, Italy, shared his perspective; “In recent months, several BLUESHAPE personnel have lost friends and family members to breast cancer and other forms of cancer. The prevalence of the disease in a small circle of friends has created a determination to do whatever we can to contribute to the reduction of cancer.”

During Breast Cancer Awareness month last year, BLUESHAPE USA changed its Facebook icon from their standard gray V-mount battery to a, Photoshop-enhanced, pink version and received unanimous notes of support. The overwhelming endorsement from the BLUESHAPE community inspired the company to offer a full-featured pink battery in two models, the BV090 and the BV100 HD.

BLUESHAPE is offering the limited edition V-mount battery in an exclusive pink shell that will retain all the features of the other GRANITE batteries – drop-resistance, electronics protection and high performance, It additionally will serve as a workplace reminder of the shared battle against a silent killer, cancer.

For each version of the pink battery that is sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Stephanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research. “Many worthwhile organizations are focusing on the fight against cancer; we chose to donate to the Stephanie Spielman Fund* which passes through one hundred percent of every gift directly to research,” explained John Morgan of BLUESHAPE USA. “These batteries are a commitment to make the fight against cancer a part of our daily operations. We encourage other companies that can, to do the same until cancer is a thing of the past. We will not let the possibility of criticism inhibit us from doing what we can.”

Information on The Stephanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research can be found by going to and selecting the “Charities” link or by clicking here. Direct donations may be made by going to and clicking on the “Donate” link near the top of the page.

*No endorsement by the Stephanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research is stated or implied. We did notify Chris Spielman of our selection of this fund but specifically noted that we were not asking for an endorsement to minimize the appearance of using his status to sell batteries.

For more: please see Blueshape for the full write up on why their batteries are pink.

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