We put the BMPCC Cage Rig For Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with 15mm rail holders from Came-TV through its paces for a review.

Came-TV Cage review

The BMPCC Cage Rig is lightweight, portable. It feels tough enough, like you could drive a car over it no worries. The camera rig is made out of aluminum alloy, the exact same material found in most car tyre rims, and the rig itself has been treated with a hard oxide surface giving it a nice sleek black look to it.

The BMPCC camera rig kit we received came with a cage, top handle, and baseplate with 15mm rod holders.


The top handle feels good in the hand facing backwards and forwards, and it can be easily repositioned with the flick of a screw thumb.

CAME-TV BMPCC Camera Cage Atomos Ninja 2

On the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera cage and the top handle are a stack of 1/4″ and 3/8″ screw mount points for accessaries to go on. We mounted an Atomos Ninja 2 recorder monitor on the top and the side of the handle and were able to place it down on a surface no problems. We had taken off the baseplate first, so the rig wasn’t top heavy… and we found the rig was nicely balanced with a monitor hanging off the top handle and handheld camera work was a breeze.

Top Handle

You will have no issues mounting accessaries from the top and side of the top handle, as the mount points are deep. However on the BMPCC Cage Rig itself the screw mount points are shallow so you need to be mindful of that so as to not force a screw onto the camera.

Another thing to watch out for is the 15mm rod holders. Standard 15mm rods slipped in and out with no problems for us, but our carbon fibre 15mm rods didn’t want to play.

Blackmagic Cage Review

The battery compartment and SD card slot are easily accessible with this BMPCC cage rig from Came-TV.

Camera Cage Review

BMPCC Cage Review

The BMPCC camera cage we got has silver cable pinch screws, and we understand some of those rigs come with red cable pinch screws. The cable pinch screws themselves are of course a must have on any rig that has HDMI coming out of it regardless of their colour.

The rig is easy to pull apart and reassemble, breaking down to three components. You can run the camera without the top handle and baseplate and have the cage just act like a protective glove for your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

The Good:

Build Quality
Cable Pinches
Top Handle
Quick Release Base Plate & Top Handle
Breathing Holes, which help to keep the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera cooler

The Bad:

The feeling you get when squeezing your camera into a purpose built cage… Will it fit, will it scrape or scratch it
Careful not to let one of the cable pinch screws fall out

The Ugly:

The screw thumbs for the 15mm rail rod holder can extend below the baseplate. They are the pull out push back in style screw thumbs but I prefer not to have to fiddle around doing that

If you need to know more about the BMPCC Cage Rig with 15mm Rail rod Holder, please see Came-TV.

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