Sittipong Kongtong is back with a few test shots using the Blackmagic Mini 4.6K and Kowa Anamorphic, Cooke S4, and Zeiss CP2 Lenses.

Blackmagic mini 4.6K with Kowa Anamorphic – Cooke S4 and CP2 lens from Sittipong Kongtong on Vimeo.

I had shot test Blackmagic mini 4.6K both PL and EF mouth. For 1 PL body I used Kowa Anamorphic and other body I used Cooke S4. For EF body I used Ziess Compact Prime lens. 3 Cameras shot in 3:1 RAW at 4.6K and 3K Anamorphic for Kowa.

ISO 800, 5600K daylight and same T Stop for 3 cams.
60fps in RAW 3:1.

We made ProRes 422 LT for proxies from DaVinci Studio 12.5 in Full HD resolution.
I brought those proxies into Premiere Pro CC2017 for editing.

Here is the look of 3 lens with no any color correction.

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