With a wink, maybe a blink, may we show you what lrtvgrabbarna did comparing the Blackmagic Cinema Camera’s RAW output Vs ProRes output.

I set up 1 pcs 24W LED (from right side). Adjusted dimmer on LED to match T/5.6 on lens. I then adjusted iris only on lens for the different shots, light stayed the same. BMCC was set to ISO 800, WB set to 6500. While filming ProRes camera was set to “Film”. In Da Vinci I used 3 way CC to get the “X” on the waveform to end up at 50% (512 value). No adjustment to other setting such as saturation or color. ProRes clips was done in 709, RAW clips was set to “BMD Film”.


Only on iris 1.3 did I use the “Highlight recovery” function (this can only be done to RAW files while in BMD Film mode). Uncorrected RAW at T1.3 was exported from Da Vinci as still DPX, same with uncorrected T22. I exported from Da Vinci as DNxHD 10 bit 1920×1080 and did the edit and text in CS6.

Conclusion: ProRes almost only differ on highly overexposed areas.

(since my lightsource came from right side, there is a small difference which clip I show on top. ProRes could not, however, save more white levels at T1.3)

See Lindqvist Radio & TV for more on their BMCC endeavors.

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