A quick look at Blackmagic Design cameras footage slowed down via Twixtor software.

Blackmagic Cameras Slowed Down, Way Down With Twixtor

BlackMagic Cinema Camera SLOW MOTION – 2.5K by Vincent Vardnoush

Blackmagic cinema camera’s slow motion footage.

BMPCC Slowed Down (Twixtor) by Sam Kolder

I was wondering if Bmpcc footage could be slowed down with twixtor just because it has so much more information tan the typical videos i shoot. In this case it looked great but you have to take into consideration that the original footage had minimal movement and shots like this are the only ones that you are able to achieve a decent looking slowmotion because of the bmpcc’s low frame rate ( this was shot at 30fps) i hope to upload some cool stuff with this bad boy soon, and im very excited to see what raw is able to do for my productions.

BMPCC Twixtor by Yonathan Widodo

BMPCC | Nokton 25/0.95 | PPCS6+Twixtor+Auto Color | 24p

And finally a little racey number for you… You may have to watch this one a few times to spot the applied Twixtor software.

Too much Love…For LOVEA by Small Creative Unit

Too much Love… for LOVEA (Shot in BMCC)
SUMMER IS COMING ….and it s gonna be HOT
with Katy Johnson, Antonin Beranek, Bruno Tomaz, Bruna Lisboa Brito, Devinta Kirana & Amélie Lelong
Olivier Bourgeois – Creative Director / Director
Bruce Touron – Post Production / Assistant Director
Amelie Lelong – Production / Launching
Laura Martin – Art Director
Carla Toutlemonde – Casting Director for France
Fritz Panjaitan – Casting Director for Indonesia
Bruce zlee – Make Up Artist
Mikhael Jammet – sound design / re-recording mix
Campaign Copyrighters : Amelie/Laura/Bruce/Olivier
Model Agency : F-Models International
Booker F-Models : Cha Cha
Production Coordinator (Lombok/Indonesia) : Aziz
Production assistant (Lombok/Indonesia) : Hadji
Special Thanks to Numeriphot (Toulouse/France), Cocotinos (Lombok/Indonesia), Veni hendarsih & Putro
Production (Andorra) Film “Too much Love…” : SmallCreativeUnit
Campaign “Summeriscoming”: SmallCreativeUnit
Client LOVEA – lovea.fr/
Shot in DSLR: Blackmagic CinemaCamera
Lenses : 14mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm CANON Cine Lenses
Steadicam Pilot
Post prod : Adobe Premiere (editing) Da Vinci Resolve (grading), Adobe After
Effect (grading & VFX, Twixtor & Modjo) , Nuke (VFX, Kronos)

Twixtor can be found HERE.

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