The Black Betty is a custom camera housing that combines a Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini Camera Head and an Apple Mac Mini computer.

Black Betty Camera

The new camera took two years to build and shoots 2K Cineform RAW Quicktimes with 1:1, 3:1, or higher compression to removable (off the shelf) 2.5″ SSDs.

Black Betty Camera Side View

The SI-2K Mini’s filmic 2/3″ CMOS Imager has 11 stops of dynamic range, and a workable ISO range of approximately 160-500ASA.
(You can get a little extra love out of it with Dark Energy.)

“The Morning of Everything” Trailer. Shot on the Black Betty Camera.

Betty was designed to include all the little practical features that filmmakers who were nurtured on 16mm know and love.
You don’t have to build it up to get it on your shoulder. Its one piece and well balanced.

Black Betty Camera Left Side

Betty only has two physical buttons: on/off and start/stop. Everything else is driven thru a touchscreen.

Betty’s undercarriage takes a VCT style locking plate, or an Arri 16mm bridgeplate.
It also accommodates large, medium, and small O’Connor, Sachtler, & Manfrotto quick release plates.
All the threads just line right up; we made sure of it.

Betty runs on a cleverly recessed Anton Bauer mount, providing onboard 14.4V power for any and all accessories.

She even has a Fischer 3Pin RS stop/start port for hand grip or remote on/off control.
The adventurous can alternatively use a bluetooth mouse as a remote switch

Betty has an interchangeable lens mount (PS Technik IMS) that can accommodate PL, B4, Nikon, C, PV, and BNCR, to name a few.
The SI-2K Mini’s sensor is easily covered by 16mm and Super 16mm lenses.
You can put to use 16mm lightweight zooms with wide zoom ranges!

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Building Black Betty Camera BTS
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