Gaffa Media show behind the scenes from the Doco “Story of Becoming” with Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K & 4.6K cameras.

Behind the scene of “Story of Becoming” with BlackMagic Design from Gaffa Media on Vimeo.

See how the film "Story of Becoming", the documentary about the 3 times world champion in kickboxing Katalin Konya, came to life filmed with the BlackMagic Design URSA Mini 4K and 4.6K cinema cameras.

Story of Becoming from Gaffa Media on Vimeo.

“Story of becoming” is a documentary of girl meets kickboxing, but you should know from the start that this is not a sport story.
The girl, Kat, grew up in a family of other 9 siblings in Hungary and started out practicing kickboxing, after her mom was advised that it might be a good idea to channel the girl’s extra energy into something constructive. The girl grew up believing that one “is” not a person, but that one becomes a person. So, whichever challenges or hardships will come up during the “becoming” journey, one should have faith in himself. The girl will later achieve 3 times the title of World Champion in WKU Amateur Kickboxing.
However, Kat's story is not a story of the spotlight, of the multiple won titles. It is rather a story of being knocked down emotionally, of going really down into the inner darkness abyss to be able to resurface stronger to the light. It is a success story, but not against a fierce opponent; it is a story of winning against one's own mental barriers.
Kat’s story is a story of humanity, a story which others can connect with. It transcends the journey of just one person to become the story of the contemporary individual, who aspires to become a better person for herself and for those around her.

“Story of Becoming” is a Gaffa Media production, directed by Klaus Bjarner Pedersen. The documentary was shot on a BlackMagic Design URSA MINI 4K and 4.6K using Canon L-glass and Angenieux Optimo Style zooms, powered by Anton Bauer batteries. Motion control systems powered by Kessler Crane. Color management by Datacolor.

Cast featuring:
Female kickboxer – Katalin Konya (herself)
Male kickboxer – Mathias Smestad (himself)

Director of Photography: Klaus Bjarner Pedersen
Producer: Andreea Barin
1st Camera Assistant : Thomas Sinbæk
2nd Camera Assistant: Sebastian Duus
Editor : Dorel Mihaila
Sound mastering and design: Erik Olsen
Make-up Artist / Hairstylist: Ann Borghelt

Bonus Video: Kessler BTS…

Behind the scene of "Story of Becoming" with Kessler Crane from Gaffa Media on Vimeo.

Bonus Video: BTS Datacolor…

Behind the scene of “Story of Becoming” with Datacolor from Gaffa Media on Vimeo.

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