The BeeWorks 5 with Kinetic Remote is a novel camera stabilization system.

BeeWorks BW05 Camera Stabilizer

The company, with its roots in software development and aerospace, unveiled a unique design that functions both as a handheld stabilizer and a remotely-controlled camera system.

The Kinetic Remote is a wireless transmitter that uses position sensors to control the BeeWorks 5 when it is mounted on its stand, enabling filmmakers to frame shots naturally, as if they are holding the camera itself.

BW05 Camera Stabilizer

The BeeWorks 5’s clean design is as functional as it is beautiful. Machined in Seattle from aerospace-grade aluminum, the lightweight and durable design houses cables and custom electronics internally and looks great in more formal settings, like weddings or concerts. The matching aluminum stand fits in the gimbal’s carry-on case and can be mounted in a variety of ways, such as to walls, tables, vehicles, C stands or tripods.

BeeWorks 5 Kickstarter Video from BeeWorks LLC on Vimeo.

“As a documentary filmmaker, shooting in the moment and meeting people in their environment is critical,” says award-winning filmmaker, Mike Attie. “I’ve long wanted to use some kind of gimbal stabilization system, but the options seemed too heavy or obtrusive. I’m really excited about the BW05’s lightweight and sleek design!”

Subtle details further separate the BeeWorks 5 from other stabilizers on the market. Internal HDMI routs video signals from the camera up to a monitor mounted on the handlebar. An adapter on the camera platform discreetly mounts and powers a Paralinx Arrow Plus transmitter for realtime wireless HD video streaming. The asymmetric design makes the stabilizer inherently more balanced and, coupled with aluminum thumb screws for all adjustment points, makes the BeeWorks 5 easy to balance in seconds.

BeeWorks 5 Kinetic Remote Testing from BeeWorks LLC on Vimeo.

Testing the BeeWorks 5 Kinetic Remote feature.

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