Man what beautiful footage “Lucy From Paris” has.

Shot by DoP Josselin Billoton on the Aaton Penelope Delta camera, which is only one of a handful that were made before the sad news that they’re on hold indefinitely due to sensor issues.

Josselin wrote about what the Aaaton Penelope Delta camera was like on set and the workflow involved to produce those sensational images.

Aaton Penelope Delta Camera

It was shot in Raw 3.5K at 25fps with the Arri Masterprime serie and the Optimo 28-76mm zoom. (classic soft 1/4 filter)
Graded in DaVinci Resolve 9 by Clement Nachbauer and edited on Premiere CS6 by Sebastien Renardet.
“Lucy From Paris” is the first independent short film shot with the mysterious Aaton Penelope Delta.

This third episode, delirious film about an English girl landing in Paris is in fact the opportunity to test this camera on a real shooting, to show you what is possible to do with the Aaton when it used by technicians who actually work in fiction.

Aaton Penelope Delta

And on dvxuser Josselin commented about the workflow.

My feeling about the camera is pretty good. The camera we use is the final model (not a prototype) and it worked well, no trouble during the 2 days of shooting :

– The color rendering is stunning. I had never seen such a variety of shades and skin tones are very realistic. CCD made good job with the color !
– The texture of the image is superb, very smooth, close to the film
– Dynamic range is correct, below a Alexa or Red in my opinion, around 12 f-stops. However, the rendering of the highlights (clipped) are very ugly and the shadows are very noisy when you need to boost the signal and find information in the black….
– The sensibility is not amazing…. (ISO 640 natively – impossible to change)
– Shutter system to strip down to 80 iso works well but requires some practice to put it ON (you have to remove the lens…)
– The movement of the sensor for simulating film grain is not convincing …. Not finished in my opinion…
– The ergonomics is pretty good – good to shoulder work !
– The optical viewfinder is fun but sometimes confusing, (specially for the exposure) careful not to take off the eye of it !
– No convincing tools exposure in the camera / should work on oscilloscope ( on a Rec709 improved signal …) or meter.
– Some flaw in overexposed highlights (aliasing and fringe, and other strange things…)
– NO LUT possible (only imposed kind of REC709 on all SDI OUTPUT)
– NO shutter change possibilities
– NO Slowmotion mode
– ONLY 25P

Aaton Penelope Delta B&W

There will be according to Josselin Billoton a BTS of the shoot coming very soon.

So stay tuned.

Pics and video belong to Josselin Billoton

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