BE in Motion – SmartSLIDER Reflex motorized camera slider from SmartSystem on Vimeo.

Easy and powerful.

EASY : No difficult knobs push combination in order to move your slider. Virtual Limits and Professional Proportional Joystick is what you need in order to define the stroke of your Timelapse or for your linear movement with ramps. Judge yourself.

POWERFUL : Stop thinking about if your motor is able to move your equipment. DigiMOTOR Reflex is based on professional industrial motor (no stepper or cheap brushed motor offered in different gear ratio combination). Our motors are able to move ultra-precisely your equipment from 0.08mm/s to up to 80mm/sec and over.

SmartSLIDER Reflex with DigiDRIVE Portable and DigiMOTOR Reflex are the perfect motorized camera for your shots.

Take a look at for further information.

Many thanks to a great timelapse expert Maurizio Pignotti :

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