BBS Lighting Debuts First LED Remote Phosphor Light Bank System


After pioneering highly efficient and color accurate Remote Phosphor LED lighting, BBS Lighting marries this technology to a new form factor, creating the first Bank LED Remote Phosphor lights.

Bank systems have long been popular due to their versatility and convenient form factor. BBS has vastly improved on the classic light bank by adding the benefits of Remote Phosphor technology in the Pipeline® 4-Bank, 3’ and 4’ systems.

By incorporating Remote Phosphor technology in the new 4-Banks, the fixtures deliver a 95+ TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). With traditional LEDs, color output begins to drift over time due to heat damage to the phosphor layer doped directly on the bulbs. Remote Phosphor Pipes feature a phosphor layer positioned away from the LEDs so they remain brighter, higher fidelity, with a consistently high TLCI over years of use. Plus, they are rated at 50,000 hours, so the hassles of lamp changes are not an issue.

Pipeline cylindrical Pipes each have a rugged aluminum flat channel with 1/10th-inch thick remote phosphor covering to handle rough treatment without breakage.

Pipeline 4-Banks house BBS’ rugged, 3 or 4-foot long, 1-inch diameter LED Pipes that provide light emission of over 1000 lumens per foot (12,000 lumens from the 3’ and 16000 lumens the 4’). Cool running, they power off of a 48V power supply to provide smooth dimming all the way down to zero.


Utilizing the built-in 4-channel control, Pipeline Banks are fully dimmable (100% to zero) without color shift or flicker. The control offers 8- or 16-bit DMX and manual dimming plus unique strobe capability.

Pipeline 4-Banks come in 3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K color temperatures. A Bi-Color model allows the user to dial in any color temperature between 3200°K and 5600°K and individually tweak. For additional control, a foil-lined softbox and light grids are custom-designed for the Pipeline 4-banks. The banks are stackable for greater combined output.

3’ 4-banks have an MSRP under $2,000 while 4-footers run under $2,500.


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About BBS Lighting
BBS is a leading LED lighting manufacturer and product development company in the entertainment lighting industry. The Copenhagen based company specifies, develops, produces and markets high-end LED lighting for video, television broadcast studios, motion picture, live performance, harnessing technical and design skills to deliver innovative, high quality and cost-effective products BBS is the pioneering developer of the remote phosphor Area 48 LED light.

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