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BBS Lighting Area 48 Lights:

BBS Area 48 is a powerful unusual lighting system with intelligence design.

Area 48 Fixture Includes:
3200K or 5600K High CRI Phosphor Panel
Detachable Barn Doors
Angled Yoke with 5/8″ Female Baby/Junior Combo TVMP
160 Watt Power Supply & AC Power Cord

Chroma Green 525n, 95 CRI 2700k , 97 CRI 3200k, 95 CRI 4300k, 93 CRI 5600k and 95 CRI 6500k or Chroma Blue Phosphor Panels
Power Supply Clamps to hold PSU on Yoke
V-lock Battery Plate or Gold Mount (AB) Battery Plate
DoPchoice 40 degree Snapgrid for use on Barn Doors
DoPchoice Softbox including diffusion
DoPchoice 40 degree Snapgrid XS for use on Softbox
2×2 5K watt and 8×8 11K watt optional fixtures with softboxes
Canvas Carrying Cases for 1 or 2 fixtures
Phosphor Panel Pouch
Anvil Wheeled Cart Road Case for 2 fixtures

Area 48 is characterized by an unprecedented Interchangeable Phosphor Technology light quality and its compact size with the surface area of an A4 paper. 48 blue diodes behind a remote polycarbonate phosphorized diffuser ensures a very even light and an exceptionally soft shadow.

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