Xhire Anti Fraud Network have reported that a BBC crew covering the pro-Russian unrest in Ukraine have had the majority of their camera equipment stolen at gun point by Ukrainian Rebel Separatists.

What was stolen:

Sony PMW-400 Camera serial 140188 Canon HJ17x7.6, Lens Serial 1315801, Sony Radio Mic PAG L96e battery, 3 Sony SxS Memory Cards.

Xhire Anti Fraud Network

The Xhire Anti Fraud Network is the first UK wide broadcast hire industry fraud and theft information site. Enter a serial number of equipment you feel may have been stolen into their database to check.

The site has been set up in order to facilitate the centralised sharing of information on fraudulent hires and theft in the Broadcast Hire Industry. Since the beginning of 2011 there has been an epidemic of theft throughout the industry, and it seems that the ability of the Police to catch the perpetrators and recover stolen equipment is limited.

Please see Xhire Anti Fraud Network for more information.

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