From Basson Steady

The new Center Post can hold two LCD monitors, to do that now it comes with a new gimbal monitor mount, that allows you to have the monitor pointing directly to your face at a reduced distance regardless of the angle you are pointing the camera and regardless of the axis of the steady.

You can now shoot backwards while walking forward with your steady without compromising framing your shoot and also allows you to verify without any effort if the focus is correct or not.


So there are no more blind spots. This new monitor mount comes with a 14.4volts power cable and also an HDMI cable, this new way to mount the LCD monitor comes with a male 1/4″ screw to hold any LCD monitor, we recommend to use a small LCD monitor such as the 7″ smallhd or the new 5″ smallhd monitor.

The other option with this gimbal monitor mount, due that the new cameras comes with bluetooth, is to use your own small tablet such as an ipad mini, iphone or android smart phone to use it as a monitor just by adding any holder compatible with your device with a female 1/4″ socket.

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