Autocue has redesigned its award-winning Starter Series iPad and iPad Lite prompters to incorporate the new iPad Mini. The latest iPad prompter models feature an adjustable tablet mount that can be simply switched between an iPad and an iPad Mini setting. Sorry no pics till NAB…

The iPad prompter can be used in both on-camera and straight-read configurations and is suitable for all cameras, including ENG. The iPad Lite is only suitable for smaller cameras, e.g. DV and DSLR. Both prompters include a wide-angle hood as standard, pack flat and come pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

The iPad and iPad Lite prompters are compatible with a range of free prompting applications on the App Store. Autocue recommend iPrompt and offer wired and wireless controllers that are compatible with the iPrompt software.

The next revision of the tablet mount is also expected to work with a wide variety of tablets, including the Samsung Galaxy.


For more information please see Autocue.

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