This entire time-lapse sequence was painstaking captured on digital SLR cameras and edited from 104,000 individual photographs by Dayman Steptoe. His faithful old Landcruiser travelled many thousands of kilometers to destinations such as the Simpson and Gibson deserts and other remote locations in the Northern Territory.
Often working around the clock, he calculated the cameras took just over a thousand hours to capture all the images.

Checkout the field-kit Dayman uses while in the Outback getting those amazing shots:

In many of the night scenes you may notice the flicker of the warm campfire on the trees. One evening while filming the Devils Marbles, he witnessed a massive bushfire raging some 200km away creating the incredible red glow in the sky that shows the granite in a way few would have ever seen.
Occasionally, the equipment narrowly escaped catastrophe. While he was filming over the edge of a 30m high cliff, the entire camera rig dislodged and he found it dangling by a piece of safety rope he had earlier tied to a rock.
Another evening the camera was on a tripod and almost completely submerged in a creek as he filmed a king tide rising. He recalls staring somewhat perplexed as a large croc swam right past the camera and almost knocked it over in the water – it would have been an $11,000 loss…
I hope to see you out bush one day.

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