Straya Mate! Drink eat be Merry, or Barry, or whomever you want. Just be there.

If you can’t get to the Sunburnt Country then sit back and let Mark Toia gently hold your hand and take you on a visual and cuisine tour. Shot with a RED DRAGON 6K camera, a SHOTOVER helicopter systems, and a Movi brushless gimbal rig.


Just finished a 23 Day shoot Around AUSTRALIA.. Loads of politics, loads of locations, Massive undertaking for a TV / CINEMA AD.

Couldn’t have done what we did with anything else. Seriously… The Size and power of the RED EPIC DRAGON is just amazing.

Still amazes me how many more tones and depth I get from my DRAGON, … Now to get the new OLPF installed into them all.

Everything shot at 250 Iso.

Enjoy, Mark Toia

2014 Tourism Australia / Restaurant Australia Film: it’s like glamping for your eyes.

Hit up Mark Toia and thank him.

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