According to the Atomos press release, the Shogun 7″ 4K/HD monitor recorder is apples when it comes to ProRes recording… But the issue is it’s not on Apple’s official page for allowed products to use the ProRes codec.

Atomos Shogun

Here is the official Atomos line:

Whether you need 4K ProRes, RAW or AvidDNxHD including high frame rate (120fps) HD, Atomos again deliver.

and again a quote lifted from the Atomos Shogun product page:


Record straight from the camera’s sensor in pristine 4K Apple ProRes or Cinema DNG Raw over HDMI and 12G-SDI. Seamlessly switch between 4K cameras with HDMI to SDI and SDI to HDMI conversion.

A quick check of Apple ProRes Authorized Companies and Products page, the Shogun monitor and recorder is no where to be seen with an official tick.

So what gives?

To get that official Apple ProRes seal of approval companies have to put current and future up and coming devices that will be utilising the Apple codec, forward to Apple. Take for example the Convergent Design Athena 4K recorder/playback encoder/decoder, which is yet to be set free on to the market. It makes the Apple ProRes Authorized Products list.

So the question or the finger pointing begins… Either Apple or Atomos it appears aren’t telling the whole truth. Which one is erroneous?

Happy to be wrong, but if future products are required to be certified for Apple ProRes codec use, then all current products need clarity on their status.

Why is Adobe and Sony not on this Apple ProRes Authorized Products list as well?

The last word we will give to Apple:

If you’re using or considering the purchase of a product that encodes or decodes ProRes but is not on the list, please contact us at

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