Atlas Lens Co. – Orion Series 2x Anamorphic Prime Lenses are Launched.

At the heart of Atlas Lens Co. Orion Series is a true Front Anamorphic Group. Orion Series lenses deliver the striking beauty of painterly waterfall bokeh, disproportionate breathing, and signature, but controlled flare. *These optical characteristics are now available as part of your cinematic storytelling toolkit with a mechanical functionality that that won’t leave you feeling confounded by compromise.*

Atlas Lens Co. – Orion Series Anamorphics – 65mm Shoot from Atlas Lens Co. on Vimeo.

Forrest Schultz and I developed these lenses because as cinematographers, we wanted to add anamorphic primes to our shooting repertoire. It became our mission to deliver lenses that we would be proud and excited to shoot with, but that would be accessible to a wide range of content creators as well.
Orion Series Anamorphic Lenses are built to be a universal filmmaking tool – each focal length has a consistent 110mm outer diameter front, consistent Focus and Iris Gear placement, and high precision optomechanical tolerances that deliver great results every time. The Orion Series primes can be changed quickly between EF and PL mount in minutes with a simple T6 driver in a clean environment. As far as we know these are the world’s first EF mountable Anamorphic Primes.

We are currently showing our first 65mm T2 prototypes, and will be delivering single lenses and 3 lens sets in the First Quarter of 2018 to deposit holders. The first three lenses in the set will be the 40mm, 65mm, and 100mm T2 primes – with more to follow before the end of 2018.

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