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At the Bench: Sony Optical Disc Archive System from AbelCine on Vimeo.

Sony is known for their reliable and proven Optical Disc technology. Many of us have countless numbers of their XDCAM discs on our shelves serving as an archive, just like we used to do with tape stock. Sony has recognized the need to archive material in a larger format with the same reliability (up to 50 years based on testing), so they built an Optical Disc Cartridge, which combines 12 discs into one container, sort of like a car CD changer. Cartridges come in sizes up to 1.5 TB, in either write-one or re-writable formats.

Using a Sony Optical Disc Archive Drive – like the ODS-D77U – you can mount these cartridges to your computer, much like a hard drive. This makes for a simple and effective on-set archiving solution. The ODA system is highly scalable too; combining their ODS Library units, the system can form what Sony calls a ‘PetaSite,’ which can store hundreds of terabytes of information. Check out the video above to learn more about Sony’s Optical Storage Archiving system.

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