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At The Bench: A Look at the Sachtler SpeedLevel Clamp from AbelCine

From AbelCine…

Sachtler recently introduced the SpeedLevel Clamp for its 100mm ball level heads. The unit ties down in typical fashion, however the two levers allow users to quickly reset the level for their camera. While shooting this video, the one thing that impressed me the most was the ease with which a level can be performed. This comes in especially handy in the middle of a take or when about to roll. Everyone has probably been faced with this problem at some point – since standard tie downs inherently require some force to loosen, that force gets transmitted to the camera and then to the screen. The SpeedLevel Clamp allows you to avoid this embarrassing problem; the levers can be oriented in any direction, making them easy to grab. In addition, the levers are easily operated when wearing gloves. Watch my video above to learn more about this quick and elegant solution to leveling your camera on the fly.

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