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ARRI Journey – Directed by Casey Warren & Danielle Krieger from Casey Warren | MINDCASTLE on Vimeo.

.The Journey.

A visual poem about the beating heart of adventure that resides within us all.

Presented by: ARRI
Written & Directed by Casey Warren & Danielle Krieger

Production Company MINDCASTLE 
Support by Freefly Systems
Executive Producers Tabb Firchau / Hugh Bell / Danielle Krieger / Casey Warren / Nick Hegge
Producers Danielle Krieger & Casey Warren
Editor Danielle Krieger
MoVI Operator Hugh Bell
MoVI Operator Mike Hagadorn
MoVI Operator Brad Meier
Director of Photography Casey Warren
1st AD Mel Cafe
1st AC Alisa Tyrrill
Production Assistant Michelle Henley
Production Assistant Jacob Kutrakun
Stills Photographer Jeff K. Marsh
Behind-the-scenes cinematography Justin Brown / Jeff K. Marsh
Additional Behind-the-scenes Jake Magraw
Music Courtesy of The Music Bed
Composer A. Taylor 
Post Sound Supervisor Peter Barnes
Post Sound Mixer Ben Kersten
Post Production Sound Mixing & Design Clatter & Din
Colorist Jeff Tillotson @ Lightpress

:::::::::::::: Cast

Boat Builder / Ships Captain: Peter Bailey
Ferry / Motorcycle / Dock: Ariana Babcock + Caleb Babcock
Seaplane: Andrew Joseph Montoya + Andrew Kearns
Canoe: Hailey Blakva + Kyle Houck
Mountaineer / Explorer: Jeff K. Marsh
Canoe Car Driver: Yuriy Manchik
VO: Andrew Joseph Montoya

Special Thanks: Michael Jonas / Susanne Mayer / Stephan Ukas-Bradley / Catia Marini / Amish Solanki

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