ARRI dropped this off at the Cinescopophilia Facebook page… It’s worth sharing.

New ARRI PCA “Broadcast Plate” for Sony F5/F55:

ARRI PCA Broadcast Plate for Sony F5 F55

Beside our existing plate which adapts with an integrated “touch and go 35” directly to a fluid head or via BP-8/9 to all “cine-style” configurations we had requests from our customers who wanted to have the set up as known from the “broadcast” market….so here it is:

– weight is only 480g
– it is adjustable front to back for more balancing adjustments
– existing Arri shoulder pad mounts underneath
– 15mm LWS rod holder integrated in the front
– additional rod holder for the back optional
– adapts directly to all existing “VCT-14” style plates as well as to the patented ARRI Quick Release Baseplate QR-HD 1 by using new 19/15mm adapters
– Rosettes for handle attachments on both sides available
– all existing ARRI accessories for the top of the Sony F5/55 are compatible (top plate, viewfinder adapter, viewfinder plug protector, center camera handle)

Make sure you pay ARRI PCA a visit to get your own Sony F5/F55 Broadcast Plate.

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