Amira Camera Test & Grade Colour

Amira Camera Test & Grade: Colour from SOAK on Vimeo.

Shot and Directed By: Matt Marek & Jamie Tiernay

Shot in under 2hrs with just three of us.

We wanted to test our new camera with no lights, no tripod and no supports. So we set out to just play around and see what the camera was capable of, needless to say we love it!

One of the best images we've ever seen.

So easy to shoot with, built in ND's and quick switch controls have made us rethink what's possible on film and commercial shoots.

If you couldn't tell we're having a love affair with a camera… gear nerds apply here!

We just want to be clear we AREN'T paid by Arri, we just love this camera and want to support the genius engineers who made it.

Amira Camera Test & Grade: Black & White from SOAK on Vimeo.

Amira Camera Test & Grade: Mixed (Colour & B&W) from SOAK on Vimeo.

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