SUP 2.0 Software Enables 4K UHD Recording on The ARRI AMIRA Camera


ARRI Alexa SUP 2.0

AMIRA Software Update Packet (SUP) 2.0 is now available for download free-of-charge from the ARRI website. The major new feature enabled by SUP 2.0 is 4K UHD recording, which must be activated through the purchase of a 4K UHD license at the ARRI License Shop; AMIRA cameras manufactured in 2014 will also need a sensor calibration to be carried out at an ARRI service center, though this is included in the price of the 4K UHD license.

ARRI’s new 4K UHD recording format has been developed for productions that need to generate high-resolution deliverables. It allows all ProRes codecs up to ProRes 4444 to be recorded in Ultra High Definition 3840 x 2160 resolution directly onto the in-camera CFast 2.0 cards, at up to 60 fps. Optional in-camera de-noising, sharpening and detailing tools permit the image to be optimized for specific applications or matched to different cameras and lenses.

Further enhancements provided by AMIRA SUP 2.0 include ProRes 3.2K recording in all ProRes codecs (allowing cross-compatibility with ALEXA cameras running ALEXA SUP 11.0); the ability to monitor audio channels individually; additional lock functions to prevent the accidental pressing of buttons or switches; frame rate adjustments while in pre-record mode; and many more.

Wireless remote control, which was previously scheduled for this software update, will be coming in a later one. Full details on all of the new functions can be found in the release notes that accompany the download.

Download ARRI Alexa SUP 2.0

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