ARRI have announced what they call the ALEXA Service Certificate, and it will be available from all 12 official ARRI service centers and partner service centers.

ALEXA Service Certificate

Car manufactures have been offering genuine service centre certificates for a while now and it has helped owners reach the highest resale value for their beloved automobiles. ARRI are offering something like that with their ALEXA Service Certificate.

A quick look on eBay for cameras that were once cutting edge such as the Sony F35 sees their price at $8,999 or best offer. Now that was a $2000,000+ camera a few years ago. Hopefully ARRI offering this ALEXA Service Certificate is a move in the right direction.

The certificate confirms that the camera has been thoroughly tested by ARRI-trained service technicians and that key camera functions are operating according to technical specifications. Testing procedures used for the certificate are identical to those undergone by new cameras leaving the ARRI factory in Munich.

Alexander Vollstädt, ARRI’s Head of Camera Service, comments: “The ALEXA Service Certificate will be of interest to ALEXA owners looking to sell their cameras on the second-hand market, and purchasers of such cameras should insist that sellers obtain a certificate before the sale is finalized.”

During the certification process, the ARRI service center or service subsidiary performs a thorough check of parameters including image quality, recording functions, connectors, flange focal distance, audio system and ARRI Lens Control System.

The overhaul also includes an update to the latest Software Update Packet (SUP). If any malfunctions are detected, repairs will be performed as required (additional charges may occur; an estimate is generated up-front). Once all functions are checked and approved, ARRI issues an official printed certificate.

Certified cameras are qualified to enter an ARRI Extended Warranty Contract within 30 days of certification, without any additional check, please see ARRI for more information.

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