ActionProducts have introduced their ARRI Alexa Mini modular power and cage solutions for the camera.

ARRI Alexa Mini Package

Introducing the world’s best, and fully modular solution, ready to provide you with as little or as much functionality as you need for your ARRI Alexa Mini. Everything from a full cage solution with top, side, and shoulder mount handles, all side cheese plates, top and bottom 15mm lightweight mounts with riser for bridge plates, accessory power distribution (12 & 24 Volt) with internal battery hot swap / block battery input hot swap, and HDMI / HD-SDI distribution both with wireless and extra power enhanced video outs.

With the ability to re-use many highly accepted and adopted modules from the ActionProducts RED EPIC Modular Package, (used in countless high budget productions for over 3 years), you can feel confident in its quality and reliability.

To simplify, we categorized these modules into four simple “Build Your Own” packages. To customize, all you need to do is select the options you want to add and take away the ones you don’t need.


1. ActionProducts ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Package ELITE

2. ActionProducts ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Package Pro

3. ActionProducts ARRI Alexa Mini Modular Cage Package

4. ActionProducts RED EPIC / ARRI Alexa Mini Gimbal + Rod Module Mounting Package

For a complete run down on their entire ARRI Alexa Mini camera accessory lineup: Innocinema.

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