Move over DSLR cameras because the ALEXA M is the ideal camera and the ideal size for shooting with 3D rigs, POV, Crashcam, helicopter shots, underwater rigs, car interiors / exteriors, action photography, Steadicam handheld and more.

“The M worked very well in a 3D rig and very well on a Steadicam, but the setup that really showed its benefits was the car. With the M we suddenly had a lot of space in the car, which made rigging easier, especially with the cage that surrounds the camera — you can put it wherever you want. Essentially the M allows elegant solutions in difficult situations and enables new perspectives with no sacrifice in quality. You could use other small cameras for these kinds of shots, but none of them offer this level of quality. You can trust the M because it is an ALEXA; when I take this camera into the fight I know I will win!” Tom Faehrmann DP and ALEXA M test shooter

Check out some of the ARRI ALEXA M rigs used in the ARRI showreel.

Please see ARRI for more on the versatile ARRI ALEXA M camera.

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