ARRI is introducing new accessories for the Blackmagic Pocket Camera, Digital Bolex, Sony F5/F55 and Canon 100/300/500 cameras. These accessories render the cameras suitable for the rigors of professional filmmaking by making them fully compatible with ARRI support and all industry-standard matte box and follow focus systems.

Accessories for Sony F5/F55 –

The ARRI broadcast plate for Sony F5/55 is a lightweight and highly adjustable solution for documentary-style productions. It mounts on all common quick-release tripod adapters and is compatible with existing ARRI accessories dedicated to the F5/F55 cameras. Rosettes available for the broadcast plate are of an extended design, in order to clear the quick-release tripod adapter. A 15 mm LWS console can be attached to the back of the broadcast plate for rear-mounted accessories such as external recorders, digital senders or additional batteries. In addition, a new ARRI start/stop cable for Sony F5/F55 is available as an individual item or as a set with the ARRI lightweight handgrip on/off, into which it fits.

Bottom plates 300/450/600 –

The classic ARRI 300 mm bottom plate is having its weight reduced by a quarter, while still being able to withstand the same forces. Its plate interfaces are extremely strong, thanks to heavy duty CAMLOCK® fittings, and the rear release pin system has been redesigned to be more comfortable and reliable. Two new sizes of balance plates are being introduced: 450 mm for configuration where balance requires a greater adjustment span, and 600 mm with the adjustable 15 mm or 19 mm studio rod support brackets (RSB-15 or RSB-19), for very long lenses such as the Optimo 24-290 or Alura 45-250 with 2x extender.

Bridge Plate Sled BPS-2 –

The Bridge Plate Sled BPS-2 is aimed at lighter camera rigs using 15 mm lightweight support systems but still requiring a sliding base plate for balance optimization. Compatible with all ARRI bottom plates of all generations, the BPS-2 will fit any camera with a BP-3/5/8/9 interface, such as the ARRICAM ST/LT; ARRIFLEX 435/235; ALEXA (with Bridge Plate Adapter BPA-2); Moviecam SL; Sony F35/F65; plate for Sony F5/F55; or ARRI Mini Base Plate MBP-3.

Universal and Lightweight Bridge Support UBS-2 and LBS-2 –

ARRI’s Universal Bridge Support was the first to offer compatibility with 19 mm studio, 15 mm studio and 15 mm lightweight rod configurations, while the Lightweight Bridge Support is purpose-designed for 15 mm lightweight rods. With the release of the UBS-2 and LBS-2, they are now available with hard-mounted rosettes, offering solid support for any rosette-based handheld set. The bridge supports attach to their respective rods via a strong, sophisticated and reliably maintenance-free clamping mechanism. They also feature a number of 3/8-16″ and 1/4-20″ interfaces for the optional mounting of additional accessories.

Accessories for Digital Bolex –

ARRI Pro Accessories Adapter Plate for Digital Bolex

The 16 mm-format digital camera that started life as a Kickstarter project is now compatible with the MBP-3 and ARRI cage system, via a new adapter plate. If the camera is fitted with the Hot Rod® PL mount for Digital Bolex, ARRI’s base plate adapter supports the PL mount in order to provide additional stability when working with longer, heavier lenses.

Accessories for Blackmagic Pocket Camera –

ARRI Pro Accessories Adapter Plate for Blackmagic Pocket Camera

This diminutive camera from Blackmagic now benefits from its own MBP-3 adapter plate and Cage Hot Shoe CHS-4 top support for maximum solidity when using larger lenses. Coupled with a lens adapter, this enables the Pocket Camera to explore classic Super 16 lenses with industry-standard support and compatibility.

Accessories for Canon C100/300/500 –

Forming part of the ARRI cage system for Canon C100/300/500, the Cage Hot Shoe CHS-3 top support provides the Canon cameras with a solid link between the top of the cage and the camera hot shoe.
This provides extra rigidity when using longer lenses or carrying the camera with the Cage Top Handle CTH-1.

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