When Aputure ask if the Light Storm COB 120t, is this the best LED light ever, they are really saying they think it is the best LED light ever.

Now Shipping is the newest Light Storm LED by Aputure, The COB120t. Selling at only $595.
• Bowen-S mount
• 1500w output
• 10-120º beam angle
• battery powered
•TLCI 97+
• wireless remote control multiple lights

The design of our third LED in the Light Storm series is to make it the ultimate photo/video hybrid. A single point hard light that can utilize an industry standard Bowen-S mount for all sorts of light shaping tools from different sized and shape soft boxes, shoots, barn doors, fresnel lens, grids and more.

These days budgets allow for smaller crews or solo shooters, so this light offers versatility rarely seen at any price point. From battery power and remote controlling or even the control box located off the light so adjustments can be made even when the light is place out of reach. We made this light with a number of features so professionals can do more in their productions.

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