Apertus the open source cinema camera project are claiming that 2012 is already shaping out to be a spectacular year for Apertus, and that it is time for Apertus to surge on the radar. Don’t know what Apertus is, well Sebastian Pichelhofer explains what the the Apertus open source cinema camera project is all about.

Covered Topics:
-) Why free software/open hardware
-) Elphel Camera Hardware, Interfaces and Ports
-) Apertus Accessories
-) ElphelVision Viewfinder Software Demonstration

Apertus Test Footage – Music Video Footage:

Unfortunately, our projected flight-path is also going to take us right through the storm clouds. We extend a special invitation. Dear friends, collaborators, radicals and colleagues, help spread the word of our project and join us as we prepare to break through the very roof of the stratosphere. Stay tuned to our forums and website as more information regarding new developments will follow shortly.

Please see Apertus for more on the open cinema project.

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