Angénieux at IBC 2014 drop the Optimo 30-72mm A2S, their new wide angle Optimo Anamorphic lens.

Following the Optimo 56-152mm A2S launched in 2013, the Optimo 30-72mm A2S is a second lens in the series of three planned. This launch represents a new step in Angénieux’s ongoing industry leadership in designing new optical technologies that enhance technique and creativity for cinemascope production.

Angenieux Optimo 30-72mm A2S Wide Angle Optimo Anamorphic Lens

Based on the optical design of the 2012 SOC and 2009 Academy of Motion Picture award winning Optimo 28-76mm and 15-40mm zoom lenses, the optical design of the Optimo A2S lenses weaves in cylindrical and spherical optical elements in the rear group in order to achieve a 2x squeeze of the image on the horizontal axis.This unique design technique yields significantly superior optical performance (exceptional sharpness and lower distortion) over spherical lenses that are adapted for cinemascope production with rear anamorphic attachment.
Additionally, the design allows the two zoom lenses to remain extremely compact and light weight. With the Optimo 56-152mm and 30-72mm A2S, cinematographers can achieve a new level of performance and freedom of movement while shooting in anamorphic format. They are the first true handheld anamorphic zoom lenses with the best weight, size, aperture and image flatness.

“Our development teams made a excellent job and Angenieux is very proud to propose cinematographers these two anamorphic zoom lenses. We hope we will facilitate their production in scope format. First deliveries of the Optimo 30-72 A2S are planned for mid-2015.“said Dominique Rouchon, Sales and Marketing Director, Thales Angénieux. Optimo Anamrophic 30-72 2S Technical Specifications

With 2x squeeze, a fast aperture of T:4, and no ramping or breathing, the Optimo 56-152mm 2S and 30-72mm A2S deliver exceptional optical performance at the same level of excellence as the worldwide renown Optimo Series. Their unique optical design yields exceptional sharpness and low distorsion. Their zoom ratios are perfect for framing without the need to move the camera or swap the lens constantly. Both zooms are extremely compact and lightweight (4.8lbs/2.2kg and 5.3lbs/2.4kg). Optimo Anamorphic zooms are PL mount lenses with a PV mount available on request. Their unique mount design allows a quick swap between PL and PV mounts.They are compatible with the Angénieux lens servo motorization system – ASU (Angenieux Servo Unit).

The Optimo 56-152 A2S has already been used in a large number of feature films, TV series, and commercial productions including:

“Straight Outta Compton” directed by F. Gary Gray – Cinematography by Matthew Libatique (ASC)
“Staten Island Summer” directed by Rhys Thomas – Cinematography by Anthony Wolberg
“The Perfect Guy” directed by David M. Rosenthal – Cinematography by Peter Simonite
“El Cielo del Centauro” directed by Hugo Santiago – Cinematography by Gustavo Biazzi
(entirely shot with the 56-152 A2S lens)
“Child 44” directed by Daniel Espinosa – Cinematography by Oliver Wood

From Gustavo Biazzi :

-What criteria were used in selecting your lenses?
With the aspect we wanted for the film, our first requirement was to have anamorphic lenses. Then, in analysing the
storyboard Hugo had put down on paper, where he described all the shots in the film precisely, we realized we needed a
zoom. In addition to simplifying the production with its versatility and cost, we needed to combine the physical camera
movements with optical movements of the zoom to get a wide variation of shots within a take. And because of that
variation we were looking for, the zoom’s minimum focusing distance of 0.63 m was indispensable.
-What qualities did you especially appreciate about the zoom – weight, bulkiness, optical performance, colorimetry,
Visually, the colorimetry is the remarkable characteristic of this zoom. It faithfully reproduced the nuances of tone that are
there in reality. Mechanically, it’s exceptional – in situations where you change focus suddenly, the lens never “breathes.”
And obviously its lower weight and bulkiness differentiate it from other anamorphic zooms, which gives it great versatility.

From Oliver Wood :

“We used the Optimo 56-152 on “Child 44”. It was the perfect lens for hand held work. The focal lengths were exactly right.
The lens is very sharp and optically on the same level as the longer Optimo zoom. For me it is a must have on any
anamorphic movie. Thank you Angénieux.”


Aperture: f / 3.6 – T:4
Zoom ratio: 2.4X
Weight (approx.): 5.3 lbs – 2.4 kg
Length: 227 mm
Front diameter: 114 mm
MOD: 2 ft 2 in – 0.65 m
Image coverage: 4 perf. scope+ : 28.8 mm diagonal

. Renowned Optimo quality in anamorphic
. Anamorphic zoom with 2x squeeze
. Fast aperture of T4 with no ramping
. 320° focus rotation with over 50 focus marks and no breathing
. Superior optical performance with image flatness and low distortion
. Available with PL mount. PV mounts available on request
. Calibrated focus marks available in feet or meters (easily interchangeable focus ring)

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