During the 2013 European summer, on the 100th Edition of the Tour de France, Phil Keoghan, the New Zealand-born television personality, best known for hosting the U.S. version of The Amazing Race on CBS, embarked on an incredible sports challenge: the 22 stages of the 1928 Tour de France on a Ravat period bike without gear shifts.

Phil Keoghan

Angenieux was happy to partner the event providing the filming crew with 4 zoom lenses: two Optimo DP 16-42, one Optimo DP 30-80 and one Optimo 45-120 and followed Phil from his departure on July 22 to his arrival on August 19.

Pictures were shot in 4K with Sony F55 cameras.

Phil Keoghan le tour

Cinematographer Scott Shelley made these pictures that will be distributed in theatres and sold to TV channels. He was keen to give us his feedback:

“Le Ride is a verite documentary.Shooting from the back of a motorcycle for 26 days we followed the saga of two bicyclists, Phil Keoghan and Ben Cornell, as they rode the 3500 mile circumference of France, retracing the route of the 1928 Tour De France. We shot in all kinds of weather and in every conceivable lighting condition. The action was constant and free flowing; nothing was staged for the camera.

We endeavoured to never impede the rider’s progress for any reason. If you missed something, that was that.

Phil Keoghan bike ride finish

We needed a 4k camera kit that is light and versatile. We went with the Sony F-55 camera and Angenieux Optimo lenses. The camera was set up with a shoulder mount and handgrips but no follow focus or matt box; just a light weight clip-on lens hood & filter holder. Simplicity and balance. We needed to keep it as light as possible.

Phil Keoghan bike ride

For the full and complete write up please pay Angenieux and Phil Keoghan a visit.

Keep an eye out for Phil’s doco when it comes out.

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