Big Jim has managed to grab a keyboard again over at REDuser and bangs out a little pep talk.

Sounds like new products are in the making…

RED Digital Cinema Camera

Just checking in….

Jarred is amazing. He is the most talented person I have ever worked with.

We have so much amazing stuff coming that it is hard to comprehend.

I just want you all to know that I am still here. I still care. I still work closely with Jarred every day… just behind the scenes.

I appreciate everyone’s support for our program. Truly we have had you 1st in our minds.

Get ready for some incredible new stuff. Everything changes. We hope that you remember that we lead the way… we did and we will going forward.

My best to all.


RED have also released new firmware for the RED WEAPON camera:

120FPS ProRes support :)


* Added Apple ProRes UHD + R3D support
* Added up to 120 FPS ProRes support
* Added thumbnails when recording Apple ProRes
* Added Side UI control mode setting
* Added Gyro data per R3D frame
* Added 3D LUT file (.cube) to RDC folder at end of record
* Added Software License Agreement popup after firmware upgrade
* Added up to 120 FPS ProRes support
* Fix format issues when recording QT or RAW + QT
* Fix spurious audio buffer overflow errors
* Fix improved R3D + QT data rates
* Fix Headphone Volume tab in playback
* Fix 3D LUT disable with flip/mirror
* Fix error in speed ramp mode
* Fix camera hang on boot after upgrade
* Fix current monitor selection in UI Monitor Control dialog
* Fix sharpening in 1:1 magnify mode
* Fix ‘successful’ and ‘failed’ notifications displayed together upon failed auto cal
* Fix missing monitor and timezone settings in preset
* Fix Audio pre-amp gain slider
* Fix error during LCD/EVF upgrade
* Fix Audio Channel UI lockout when record is active
* Fix hot plug support for OLED EVF
* Fix enable selectable magnification regions
* Fix camera freeze applying default system preset after defaults restore
* Updated in-camera help files

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