DoP Forrest Schultz bolted Cooke, Hawk, Kowa, Todd AO, & ARRI Lenses on an Arri Alexa SXT camera for a 50mm anamorphic prime lens comparison 2x Test.

Anamorphic Prime Lens Comparison 2x – Cooke, Hawk, Kowa, Todd AO, Arri from Forrest Schultz on Vimeo.

Test of 2x Anamorphic Prime lenses most commonly available today, excluding Panavision.
Filmed at CamTec Motion Picture Cameras on Arri Alexa SXT (Prores 4444. 2048×1536)

Nothing scientific here, just chose a 50mm of each series to compare breathing characteristics and image fidelity at full aperture*
*Todd AO is capable of opening to T1.3

Exposure was set as close in possible in camera. In post, the same Correction was applied across the board for the different lenses, only WB was adjusted for the various glass as to not to detract from the purpose of this test.
Contrast between the different lenses was not altered so you are seeing the result of the lenses compared directly.

Here is the list of lenses in the order of appearance:

Cooke Anamorphic i/ 50mm T2.3
Hawk V-lite 2.0x 55mm T2.2
Hawk C-Series 50mm T2.3
Kowa Cine Prominar 50mm T2.3
Todd AO 55mm T2.3
Todd AO 40mm T2.3
Todd AO 35mm T2.3
Arriscope 50mm T2.3
Arri Master Prime Anamorphic 50mm T1.9

Thanks to Camtec Motion Picture Cameras for allowing us to conduct this test

Thank for observing!

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