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Anamorphic Lenses Comparison – ACS Victoria from ACS Victoria on Vimeo.

Here are some tests ACS Vic shot to compare the traits of some Anamorphic lenses used commonly in professional cinematography. We chose some very modern anamorphics and some vintage lenses.
The images were shot on Arri Alexa Plus 4:3 in anamorphic with at 2.40:1 aspect ratio at 25p in 1920×1080 to ProRes 422HQ. In this Vimeo example, the video has been converted to 1920×1080, h264 at 8000kbps so the quality has been reduced to allow streaming, but fair comparison can still be made.
Lenses include Cooke Anamorphic, Kowa, Lomo and Ultrascopes. We shot at T4 and no correction has been made in the grade other than to make extremely minor density changes in the mids to balance any discrepancy between the lens iris marking that would distract from comparing the lenses on an apple to apples basis. The lenses were all 100mm except the Ultrascope which was 85mm. For the Ultrascopee moved the camera closer to create roughly the same frame size on the model, again this was to avoid distraction, and in the real work that is where we would place the camera anyway for that size shot.
ACS Victoria appreciated the support of Cameraquip for supplying the camera and the Lomo's and Ultrascopes , and also The Vision House (Kowa) and Lemac (Cooke anamorphic).
Please also see our other video comparing Spherical lenses.

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