We recently showed you that highly modified GoPro Novo camera running on a custom brushless gimbal camera rig when it was used for filming some women’s soccer footage.

Well now thanks to Ovide in Spain we have a single continuous shot with the Radiant Images and View Factor Studios designed Novo camera and that custom brushless gimbal camera rig.

Novo and Brushless Gimbal Camera Rig

What’s interesting with this single take demo test shot, is the complexity and logistics of it. A single take shot where the hero walks through an office with the camera tracking him through an open window down to street level and then onboard his motorbike through CBD traffic, only to end with the camera looking back on the hero as the camera moves away.

Also check out the BTS that follows showing you how they did it.

Please see Ovide, and Radiant Images for more information about their innovative camera rigs, such as the Novo camera.

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