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Allsteady Monopod Adapter — Mount the Gimbal, Keep Handle and Joystick On from Turbo Ace on Vimeo.

The Allsteady 6 Monopod adapter is demonstrated in this video.

This adapter can be added to any existing Allsteady 6 to allow you to attached the gimbal to any tripod, jib, slider, or monopod without removing the top handle. Even in the invert mode, the camera can be upright, so you won’t have to do flip your footage in post editing. (even the DJI Ronin or DJI Ronin-M can’t do that)

· Monopod allows the operator to support the entire gimbal system on the floor, giving your arms rest in between shots.

· Monopod frees operator’s hand to adjust camera adjustments such as focus and exposure.

· Monopod allows operator to elevate or lower the camera for the impossible shots.

· Monopod allows stationary shots with horizontal movement eliminates vertical bounces

· Monopod makes gimbal easier to carry and extremely mobile

· Most important of all, AllSteady 6 keeps the camera right side up so you don’t have to flip your footage in post

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