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Allsteady 6 Gimbal Side by Side Comparison – Stabilized vs. Hard Mounted from Turbo Ace on Vimeo.

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AllSteady 6 stabilizer revolutionizes the way gimbal should be used – 5 new ways to use your gimbal

1. Adapts to monopod

· Monopod allows the operator to support the entire gimbal system on the floor, giving your arms rest in between shots.

· Monopod frees operator's hand to adjust camera adjustments such as focus and exposure.

· Monopod allows operator to elevate or lower the camera for the impossible shots.

· Monopod allows stationary shots with horizontal movement eliminates vertical bounces

· Monopod makes gimbal easier to carry and extremely mobile

· Most important of all, AllSteady 6 keeps the camera right side up so you don't have to flip your footage in post

2. Adapts on Crane with standard Manfrotto quick release plate

· AllSteady helps stabilizes video on portable crane, allowing you to use light weight crane

· AllSteady motorizes your camera on a crane for tilt and pan

3. Adapts to slider.

· Unlike other gimbal designs, AllSteady keeps your camera right side up even on a slider

· AllSteady motorizes your pan on your slider allowing you to keep the subject in the middle of the frame

4. Adapts to tripod

· Allows wireless remote control of the camera to achieve angles from an unreachable area

· slides on top of tripod while camera remains on gimbal saving valuable setup up time

6. Adapts to Steadycam, Robotic Arms, Steady Rig and Easy Rig

· Reduces arm fatigue and bounces

· Camera remains right side up on any type of rig

5. Standard under slung mount

· Allow the operator to use the gimbal in the old traditional way

Dubbed the little giant of DSLR gimbals, the Allsteady-6Pro gives you the freedom of choice, an extraordinary means to exercise and expand your creative expression using a huge range of cameras and lenses. This versatility also enables you to keep up with new camera advances to dramatically increase your production value. Any experienced camera operator knows that there is no perfect camera, no perfect lens, and lighting is always an issue. For example, you can start with the nimble GH4 for stunning outdoor action videos, but quickly switch to the iconic 5D with a larger sensor for indoor shoots.

Featuring exceptional capacity and versatility but without the extra weight and bulk of larger gimbals, the AllSteady-6Pro with Fully Toolless Balancing enables you to effortlessly switch between smaller and larger payloads. Our follow focus ready setup also makes it easy for wireless Red-Rock Micro or Lens Hound upgrades. Looking to get into aerials? The AllSteady-6Pro comes standard with continuous 360 panning so wires won’t get tangled under a multirotor.


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